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Bridgestone Construction Limited Update April 2022

 Build Process 

With only a month to go until we hand over another third of the site to the client, Dock 5 is a hive of activity with operatives and trades working on every floor of the remaining four blocks and all external areas. Blocks A1 and A3 will be handed over READ MORE

Our First Resident Social!


We're holding our first official resident social at our neighbours over at Ordsall Hall and getting creative with a spring bouquet making get-together!

Meet a new neighbour and spruce up your apartment with your own handmade arrangement.

Did you know that flowers help reduce stress and anxiety by filling you with happy hormones and gives your mind that much-needed rest, not to mention they look and smell amazing too!

They'll be nibbles and drinks included whilst you're shown how to make the perfect masterpiece.

Watch this space, further details to follow - limited space available!

Time to say goodbye?

Time is certainly flying here at Dock 5, as some of you may be aware the 6 month tenancies for some residents are coming to an end.

If your tenancy is coming to an end and you do not wish to continue living here at Dock 5, we will be sad to see you go. To terminate your tenancy you will need to give one month notice, this can be done in writing to 

For other tenants who wish to stay, we’re pleased that you are happy to continue your tenancy with us here at Dock 5, this will continue on a rolling monthly contract. If you wish to terminate your tenancy any time after this you must give one month notice, this can be done in writing to 

Updated Resident Manuals