Potty Train Your Apartment Pet in Days!
Is life busy? 
Oui Oui Patch makes toilet training a breeze. Unlike soil-free options, the combined scent of soil & grass in Oui Oui Patch triggers a dog's natural instinct to go potty. 
It also means no nasty clean-up, no more walking alone at night or getting trapped in the rain or snow. 
Plus, its the most ECO-FRIENDLY toilet training option available. 
Do your puppy & your planet proud!
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Oui Oui Patch and Accessories
Oui Oui Patch - £37.50
Waterproof Wooden Tray - £65
Personal Safety Alarm - £24
Fire Hydrant Leg Lifter - £16.99
Palm Tree Leg Lifter - £16.99
New Puppy Starter Kit - £115


The 'Puppy Blues' 
  • Training on pee pads then re-training on park grass post vaccinations 
  • Hourly dog walks (even in the rain!) 
  • Being awoken by a puppy bursting to 'go' 
  • Feeling frustrated when your dog has an accident in the house

The Solution - Oui Oui Patch
Your pet doesn't want to piddle on your carpet, but they can't tell it apart from a pee pad so they wont be aware of doing anything wrong! Let's keep things simple and natural instead. 
Help your precious pooch relieve their discomfort anytime (with no effort from you) using our indoor, real grass, portable toilet for dogs. 
Your dog will take to it instinctually and you won't need to re-train them after their vaccinations!

Toilet Training DOESN'T have to be 'Ruff'

The Oui Oui Patch is the easiest solution to puppy toilet training. Find out more from our FAQs and website below.

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Oui Oui Patch

Safety Alarm

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City Doggo

All dog training requires consistency. But City Doggo's method with Oui Oui Patch makes it easier, more convenient, and less taxing on pets.

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